About us


Silos producer with emphasis on quality and services

Mosegaard Silo was founded in 1977 by Ingrid and Kaj Pedersen.

Øgendahls Maskinfabrik A/S took over the company since 2nd december 2006.
We know what is possible and how, therefore we always come with good robust solutions. We have the highest expertise and skilled technicians who can solve problems with already installed systems, procure and manage large projects, service, renovate and optimize for your needs. We have the most sustainable and resource-efficient solutions specifically designed to make farmers’ work simpler, easier and more reliable. We have very specialized machinery equipment and extremely skilled employees who has many years of experience in this branch. Our great strength is that we are very flexible and we always listen to our customers, therefore we can adapt to our customers needs and buildings.

   We put ourselves into the farmer’s needs, requirements and objectives, and we know this because we have more than 100 years of experience in          the agricultural industry
   We have competitive prices, skilled technicians, highest quality, finest silos and best customer service on the market right now
   We can make farmers’ work simpler and easier
   Cut working hours by using our silos and complete systems
   We help farmers to improve their work with automated control and innovative solutions that better meet their needs
   We can help you produce organic cultivated fodder for your animals
   We solve problems with already installed systems
   We can offer unique services renovation and optimization in relation to your specific needs and requirements

 Our mission is to develop and improve our silos in order to be a leader in agricultural and domestic segment and to offer farmers and retailers a reliable and stable product. We will provide the best services, renovations, optimizations of silos and accessories, at any time, to meet our customer needs.

 Our vision is to be the global leader in innovative solutions adapted to the agricultural and private segment when it comes to indoor silos and accessories. We will offer our customers qualified advice when using our silos and services in order to satisfy the farmers and retailer needs globally.