Terms and conditions of sale

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before ordering any product from us. By ordering any products from us you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

The following applies upon delivery of all Øgendahls Maskinfabrik A/S and Mosegård Silo A/S products:

On the setup site, there must be a roadway for a truck up to 20m, where the product must be set, together with the ability to connect a semi-trailer from the truck, that can be held on the side. The customer must ensure suitable access to the construction site, sustainable flooring, sufficient space for unloading the products and decent working conditions for the assembly of the work. The customer is obliged to provide electricity, lighting, and ensure that the test run of the installation can be performed without any obstacles.

Delivery terms:  Delivery ex works Øgendahls Maskinfabrik and Mosegård Silo is not responsible and shall not be liable for any changes or delay in the time of delivery, caused by industrial disputes and any other circumstances beyond Øgendahls Maskinfabrik and Mosegård Silo’s control, including fire, war, currency restrictions, lack of means of transport, ordinary scarcity of goods, etc.

Time of delivery:  According to the agreed delivery date.

Validity of the offer:  The offer is valid for 30 days. Øgendahls Maskinfabrik and Mosegård Silo reserves the right without notice to change or revoke outstanding offers.

Price:  All prices are current prices in the specified currency, and all prices are without VAT. Øgendahls Maskinfabrik and Mosegård Silo is entitled to change prices in the event of changes in materials supplies, raw material prices, wages, exchange rates or any other circumstances beyond Øgendahls Maskinfabrik’s and Mosegård Silo’s control including customs, freight and insurance rates etc.

Payment:  Payment for deliveries shall be made as stated on the order confirmation, or if such confirmation does not exist, as appears from the payment terms printed on the invoice. The purchaser shall not be entitled to withhold payments due to any counterclaims. In case of overdue payment, a default interest in addition to the official Danish discount rate applicable at any time shall be payable from the due date and until payment is made. A fee of 95 DKK (12.80€) shall be charged for submitting a reminder after the due date. Afterwards a 2% interest will be charged in the beginning of every following month.

Mosegård Silo and Øgendahls Maskinfabrik is only obliged to perform the work when the customer has paid the agreed down payment and have met all other obligations, which incumbent on the customer.
–  When the order and the amount exceeds 100.000 DKK (13.446€)
–  Advance payment is 30% of the amount with 7 days’ net prior
–  The remaining 70% is paid with 14 days’ credit upon delivery
–  All prices are excluding VAT

Respectfully yours,
Jacob Øgendahl

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